Re: Don't read if you haven't seen AWE!!!

Date: 2007-06-11 09:34 pm (UTC)
Of course she mourned me! I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! Lil' twig of a thing fancied me something quite fierce--don't deny it just because yer jealous! *sigh* It'd never have worked out between the two of us. *gives you a significant look*

Of course I can survive ten years, lass; I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! How many times am I going to have to drill that in yer pretty lil' head before you'll finally acknowledge it? It's the waiting ten years... why wait? *grin* Don't presume to know my designs either, lass; Of COURSE I knew that pretty bit of information--one of us here carries proof of being one of the Pirate lords, and it isn't you--there's a great deal in the world I know about, and not a great deal I don't know about. Gabby on the other hand... she's putting up a fit about that new bit of info. Says it successfully destroys the one bit o' plot that kept the movie teetering on the edge of being semi worth watching, and now finds the movie to be a completely ridiculous bilge of garbage. Frankly I have to disagree... it has ME in it, therefore it has to be good. But she's carrying on about how the movie sucked and now it's even more terrible than it was before. Hmph. I know when I'm not wanted! ...can I stay with you for a mite, lovey?

*looks taken aback* Now why on bloody blazes of hell would I share the bounty with Elizabeth? When did I even hint at the idea that I might do something so heedlessly reckless as such? *shakes head* Love, you've been in the sun drinking rum too long. Might be time for some shore leave.
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