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2007-02-14 06:03 pm

Attention: Captain Jo Morgan...

My Dearest Jo....


Captain Jack Sparrow
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2006-02-04 01:11 am

Bloody wench.

I was doing perfectly fine, havin' meself a nice little nap, when that bloody Captain Jo Morgan had to go an' nudge me because I haven't updated this thing in a while. YOU CURSED SEA HARPY! DAMN TO THE DEPTHS WITH YE!!! Or had you thought I'd forgotten last month when you took me best bottle of rum, poured it on me boots, and set them aflame?! I could 'ave forgiven ye that, but then you had the bite to toss my pistol in the small fire and cackle whilst I tried to dodge the random discharge of bullets! *crosses arms over chest* AND MY BLOODY FEET ARE STILL COLD!

*grumbles to self* Give me scurvy! Give me plagues! Give me bloody Cap'n Barbossa after The Pearl again! But I swear this woman's going to be the death of me! Bloody witch. Don't ye think Davey Jones has forgotten the debt you owe him, harlot! You're just as marked as I.

*grabs a bottle of rum* Where's that blighter Will? Time to cause some trouble in the local pub.
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2005-11-03 06:08 pm

Scurvey Wench!

So.... how long did it take you to find THIS journal, JO?
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2005-07-16 06:25 pm

Yo ho Yo ho a Pirates life fer meeeeee!

Arrrr. Welp, (no, by all means, kill the whelp!), methinks it's about time to put somethin' in this 'ere journal. I've had it for a while now, but never had the time to use it (you know, pillaging, plundering, stuff like that gettin' in the way). But, thanks to me best mate Jo, I think I've found the perfect theme for this 'ere journal. We'll see, we'll see.

Well, time for some rum. But not without me effects!